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Monday, February 7, 2011

RHEV Manager 2.2 Installation

RHEV Manager 2.2 Installation on windows 2008

 This section Covers the required prereq and installtion of RHEV Manager 2.2 on Windows 2008 Server . You can refer the below link if you are new to RHEV before  following the below instruction .

RHEV Overview

RHEVM 2.2 Prerequisite

Install windows 2008 R2 

Install Windows 2008 R2 as Per Windows Instruction.

Configure Network Settings, set computername , Enable remote Desktop, Adjust your firewall rules

Install Active Directory and DNS

 Server Manager-->Go to Roles-->Add Roles-->Next--> Add a Active Directory Domain Service Role -->Next.

On a Final Post Installtion wizard , it will ask you to run dcpromo.exe to install and configure fully functional Domain Controller and DNS. Once you Clicked on it , it will take you to the same screen as of windows 2003 AD/DNS set up you can follow the same steps what we followed in our rhev2.1 ad/dns set up .

Adding Windows Components

 Please check the below to configure DNS and Active Directory on Windows.

Installing Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Manager

Download all the lastest version of below from RedHat Network Satellite  before proceeding further. We are using  the below version in our demo .

RHEV Manager Installer

RHEV Virtual Machines Agents and Tools

Virtio floopy Drives to boot windows guest with virtio disks instead of IDE for better performance.


Note: virtio-drivers is only required for windows guests. For RHEL5 update 4 and later and RHEL4 update 8 and later ships with virtio drivers  by default .

Set up details

Below are the details of our configured set up , i will cover up the hypervisor, storage details in later section

Active Directory domain:
DNS : (forward zone) and reverse zone configured
RHEV Admin User : rhevadmin (created on the Active Directory)

Follow the same steps as like rhev manager 2.1 installtion i covered up in this below blog, if there is any changes in steps i will mention you explicitly.

Note: It is expected that the installation wizard will minimize at times throughout the installation process. The wizard will reappear when ready to proceed with the next step.

Run the installation wizard

Double-click the Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Manager installation file to execute the installation wizard. You may need to wait while the wizard prepares for installation.
When presented with the welcome screen, click Next.

Follow the same procedure as like rhev2.1 manager installtion and Finish the installtion.

 Once you installed go to start-->Program-->RedHat-->RHEV Manager . It will open a Internet Explorer session with certificate installation for the first time. Install the certificate and if you face any Enhanced Security blocking the windows presentation Framework to run  you can disable  it using the below steps .
or else you can connect from any Supported remote Browser using the below url

 Go to # Start "Server Manager" Under the "security information section, click on the Configure IE ESC" link Change it to off 

RHEV Manager UI Deep Dive

I will take you all to  complete tour of RHEV Manager, starting from Creating Data Centre, Adding Cluster , Regsitering RHEV-Hypervisors as well RHEL as Hypervisors, Attaching storage, Creating and Managing Virtual machines, Virtual Machine Snapshots , Templates , User and Role Management and Configuration Tuning and More on my Next Blog....

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