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Friday, November 18, 2011

RHEV 3 Beta Free Download

Download RHEV 3 Beta It's Free

Red Hat announced the availability of RHEV 3 Beta 4 and its free to download for everyone not only for Red Hat Customers.

Getting Help

 I am in plan to write a complete deep dive series on RHEV 3 on My Blog but you will get  more help and information from the below  resources.

Red Hat Documents 

Manager Release Notes

Evaluation Guide

Quick Start Guide
Installation Guide

Administration Guide

Technical Reference Guide

User Portal Guide

Power User Portal Guide


 Red Hat On line Users Group


 #rhev on freenode  ( irc://freenode/rhev )

What's Next Start Explore RHEV........and its many more Power full Features. Now its the time for alternative and Escape from Big Memory Tax.

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