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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

RHEV Networking FAQ

RHEV Networking FAQ

What are the supported networking layouts in RHEV?

You can Check the below KBASE to Know all the supported Network under RHEV.
What are the supported Networking Bond Modes in RHEV?

 After my Personal Test  Bonding Mode 1,2,4 and 5 work Very Smoothly

Is it Possible to  Have Bonding & VLAN Tagging on RHEVM Management Network?

Yes its Possible.

Can RHEV Handle a Single Cluster With Hosts and Guests across two Racks?

Yes if It's all Rout able and using the common Shared Storage for Guest Migration. In Short You have to create a separate cluster for each rack.
 Does RHEV (Management )Uses Multicast for Heart Beats ?

Its not use Multicast . RHEV-M machine performs interval checks via VDSM.

Is it a Best Practice to Keep RHEVM  as Virtual Machine  for HA on top of RHEL5 RHCS on Same Network What RHCS nodes use for Heart Beat?
It is technically feasible to have RHCS running over the rhevm logical network However, it is definitely going to be best practice to keep the RHCS data on a separate logical network.

If I have a large RHEV cluster with a lot of hosts, is there any easy way of assigning e.g the same logical networks to all of those hosts?
Yes you can achieve it using Power Shell Scripting. I will post you the script once i tested it on my environment .
Why my virtual machines network connectivity lose for Certain Minutes after Live Migration from one host to  other, If the host configured with  two nic bonded using mode 1, where the rhevm network is untagged and the virtual machine is network is taggged?

To fix this try setting DELAY=0  to your icfg-bridgename file , like below  and check


The delay setting on a bridge is basically a delay before passing traffic when an interface is added to the bridge, to give it time to correctly come up.The default DELAY value is 30s.For more information about using DELAY in Bridge Read the below URL.`
Does RHEV-H disable iptables filtering on bridges ?  (e.g. "/proc/sys/net/bridge/bridge-nf-call-iptables" set to 0)

Yes , by Default
More to Come... Check Regualry for More Updates on This FAQ Section

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