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Friday, January 7, 2011

RHEV Storage

RHEV Storage Tuning 

 If you want to explore RHEV , but if you don't have Fibre Based Storage , then still you can configure  NFS or ISCSI  using tgtd on your RHEL Box to act as an storage .

Making NFS on your Desktop or laptop Faster

Suppress access time updating (atime) on the file system backing up the NFS server - in fact I'd always  disable atime on a desktop or laptop that will serving a storage disk to RHEV.

You can typically change the defaults like in /etc/fstab to defaults,noatime

Run your nfs server set to async.

Note : NEVER do this for production, it's a recipe for disaster but makes NFS demos on laptops or desktops  much faster.
With this setting the NFS server will asynchronously write the data to disk - which means if you lose the power then you've lost data - so keep those batteries charged.

/export/rhev-data-disk1 *(rw,async)

if you are adventurous, and use qcow2 over NFS, enable writeback for the cache - that will give you 30-40% real life boost

RHEV using iSCSI  

For those who want to demo/test RHEV using iSCSI you can setup RHEL5 or Fedora as an iSCSI target.

This will work out of the box with RHEL5 and Fedora 10+ . You can check my  below docs  to set up iscsi target in detail .

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