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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

RHEV-Hypervisor Installtion using RHN

Deploying RHEV-H with Cobbler

To automate rhev-h installation with PXE, Cobbler and registration in Satellite, here are the steps I followed:

# Download from RHN:

# yum install ./rhev*rpm

# cobbler distro add --arch=x86_64 --initrd=/usr/share/rhev-hypervisor/tftpboot/initrd0.img --kernel=/usr/share/rhev-hypervisor/tftpboot/vmlinuz0 --name=rhev-hypervisor-5.5- --breed=other --kopts="rootflags=loop root=/rhev-hypervisor.iso rootfstype=auto ro liveimg nocheck crashkernel=128M@16M elevator=deadline processor.max_cstate=1"

# cobbler profile add --name=rhev-h-22-pxe --distro=rhev-hypervisor-5.5- --kopts="storage_init=/dev/sda storage_vol=::::: BOOTIF=eth0 ip=dhcp rhn_username=admin rhn_password=redhat123. rhn_url= upgrade"

# (optional) cobbler system add --name=foo --mac=XXXX ...
so no pxe menu is presented to this host

# restorecon -R -v /tftpboot/images/rhev-hypervisor-5.5-
if SELinux is in enforcing mode

Maybe the manual could be more explicit about this?

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